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This is where any upcoming events will be posted.

Classes Help

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Classes Help

Post  Caitlin Green on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:26 am

Step 1: Signing up for classes

Before you can attend classes you must first sign up for a class.
Lets say you want to join a History class, what you do is click on that class and post a message asking to join.
Some classes may only have a few places left and some may have none, so check this before you ask to join.
Make sure that you have the period that it is on free.

Step 2: Schedule

So lets say the History class you have now joined is 2nd period on a Monday, thats what you would write on your schedule.
The mimimum amount of classes is you can have is 2.
To find out the times and dates of the class go to the classroom and check if it has been posted.
Please put you schedule in the comments section of your profile.
This is what it your schedule should look like-

Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:
Period 5:
Period 6:

Step 3: Attending Classes

So, today is Monday and you have History 2nd period. Go to classrooms and find the class you need, when you find it enter and begin the class.
Your class grade will be based on your role play and sometimes a small assignment the teacher might post.
At the end of a class (classes last for 1 week) the teacher will post your grade in their classroom.



All of the above are passes, below are fails.


Please note that classes last 1 week and a term lasts 4 weeks.
Classes always begin on a monday and end on a friday.
School has 6 years, so lets say that you wanted to stay in 3rd year for a while, you still go to class but you don't pass.
If you need anymore help just PM Caitlin Green.
Caitlin Green

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