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The Guide For New Comers

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The Guide For New Comers

Post  Caitlin Green on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:14 am

The Guide


Welcome to Another Life, this is the official guide and if you need help with anything this is where you will find it.


First of all you should read the rules, which you can find in Help & Information.
After reading these you can decide if you want to be a Ready-made Character, OC or OE. A Ready-Made Character can be a police officer, doctor, etc.. An OC is a character that needs to make their way to the top but an OE just gets everything at the beginning. Please note if you want to be an OE you must have a reason in your application and not all OE's will get accepted and....
Have you decided? Great, lets move on....

Creating A Character

Make sure you have registered

So your ready to make your first character (you can make more than one)....

What do you want to be.... Teen, Child or Adult ?
Do you want to be an OC, OE or a Ready-made Character ?

Lets say you want to be a Teen who is going to work their way to the top (OC), you will need a parent or guardian (you can create another character or an NPC )(More information on NPC's later) unless you live at Lake View Orphanage. You can also ask other adults to be your Parent or Guardian.
Go to your profile page and fill in the boxes in character - Type, Gender, Birthday, Age, Location, Job, Dislike, Likes, Appearance, Dress Style & Autobiography.
Please describe your character in detail.
You have now finished the information section, move on to avatar, you can fill the rest in later....

Chose your avatar, when I look at your profile I will make sure you are the only one with that avatar, if you are not, I will need to ask you to change it.
Now the next step is to get approved by a member of staff....Fill out the mini application below and post it to the one that you have chosen....

Here is the mini application - Make the title the name of your character

[b]Name:[/b] Your Characters Full Name
[b]Age:[/b] Your Characters Age
[b]Type:[/b] Is Your Character An OC, OE or a Ready-Made Character

Your mini application should get accepted in a few days, maybe even the same day you post it!


An NPC (Non Playable Charater) can be your parent or guardian, a member of your family, your friends & much more.
To register an NPC fill out the forum below and post it in Creating A Non Playable Character as the name of the NPC.

[b]Name:[/b] The NPC's Name
[b]Who is it for: [/b] The Characters name & what they are to each other ex. Bestfriends, Mum etc.
[b]Autobiography:[/b]  Write a bit about your NPC
[b]Face :[/b] Put their picture here

Another Life

When your application gets accepted your practically homeless... but we have decided to let you stay in the Forest Lane Hotel for a week OR if you have a child/teen your family are given a flat, the first month of rent is free and your family will receive monthly check-ups to see if their situation has improved and that they will be able to pay the rent. You will also get some starter cash (£600).

Teenagers and Children

All teenagers and children must attend school, Lake Forest Academy. It is simple to enroll for Lake Forest Academy, all you need to do is fill out the application found in the office. Classes begin on the 1st September, so please sign up before then, if it is past the 1st of September, you can still go to school, PM Caitlin Green (Headteacher) and I will sign you up for the classes you want.
School is on 5 days a week, Monday - Friday, if you would like more information about school go to the office.
Remember to make a schedule (put it in the "schedule" field on your profile). Here is the template -

Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:
Period 5:
Period 6:

Teens can also get jobs, check the bulletin board in school to see if any are available.


Getting a job would be helpful, you'll need the money for paying the rent, staying in a hotel or saving up for your dream house....Here's how to get one -

Vist The Job Center, new jobs are posted everyday, all you need to do is fill in an application.
If everything goes your way you will get hired, you might want to make a schedule because you need to know when to work. You can make it on your profile in the "Schedule" section. Here's the template -

Mon :
Tues :
Wed :
Thurs :
Fri :
Sat :

In the days you work write the times.

Pay Checks are given on Sundays !


Congratulations, your new life has begun, what awaits you in Another World & who will you meet.
The possibilities are endless !

Thank you

Thank you for choosing Another World..... ^_^
Caitlin Green

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